A45 – New Signs of a Voluntary Regression [TBH032]

Here’s the debut release for a newcomer artist on T-Bahn Records: Alberto Castellana also known with the moniker of A45

The release include two techno tracks, made in collaboration with Jitzu.

Unlike the rampant music, filled with commercialism and lack of content, “New signs of a voluntary regression” expresses a genuine art still deeply bonded to the best underground sonority. Salient Trait of this ep is the dirty and primitive element that reminds the analog way.

This sonority brings us inevitably in the exasperated urban existence, frantic, alienated, chaotic that brings to the necessity of a nonexistence of the same reality. The vibration first shy and almost naive as in “The darkest light”, develops in a typically futuristic aggression that reminds us of the typical sound of Detroit.

In “Analog processes” instead we can survey the manual influence of the analog machines use, that brings the sign of the Tr-909 and the Korg MS-20. 

“New signs of a voluntary regression” thus arises as a bridge between the old and the new, the moderate and the extreme, beyond instrumentalism and fiction.



The official release date for all  digital stores is November 15th 2013

A45 – New Signs of a Voluntary Regression EP [TBH032]

Artist: A45

Title: New Signs of a Voluntary Regression

Digital Release Date: 15th of November 2013

Artwork Credits: Famous When Dead – http://www.famouswhendead.com


01 – Analog Processes (Jitzu’s Sick Melody)

02 – The Darkest Light (Jitzu’s Analog Syncopated)